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4Computerheaven.com is a community for FREE volunteer based computer help and repair.

- Get free support with diagnosis and the removal of malicious software from your computer. We are able to help you find and get rid of any infections including viruses, malware, adware, and spyware. Get free help with any questions relating to software and hardware, as well as any type of computer problems. Chat live with our team of friendly computer technicians to find the solutions and answers you've been searching for at no cost! All computer questions are valid and the members of this community have diverse backgrounds covering a majority of the technological realm. Our technicians have considerable experience with remote computer repair sessions and can solve a majority of computer issues quickly. The technicians in this community are generally volunteer based and put forth time and effort when ever they can. There is no charge for our services though feel free to give a donation if you want to.

- To Login to the chat: Type any name you want into the User Name field and press the 'Enter' button.

- If there are no technicians in chat, be sure to register on our forums so we can get in contact with you.

- You can create your own personal channels and better yet put this chat client on your personal website and have your website viewers join your channel when they visit your website. Create your very own personalized web channel FOR FREE! for your web-page with our FREE Chat Script Creator. (Coming Soon)

- The default channel on this chat service is Main Lobby. Main Lobby is an all ages channel and behavior should be kept accordingly. If you require privacy create a temporary channel by typing /join anychannelyouwanthere.

Interested in acquiring a colorful comment text generator that automatically hosts the image it generates on a web server for use anywhere on the internet? Current thoughts are progressing towards a donation based system for access to this software.

We're also thinking about making it able for ANYONE to buy a channel on our chat for a yearly cost of only $2.50!

Please let us know in chat or on our forums if you would like either of these options to be a thing!